Oju Eko – the hitmaker

Relics in the former slave town

The beach of no return

Seriki Williams Abass

Welcome to Oju Eko

Touching, inspiring and entertaining Stories from the heart of the most vibrant city on the African continent.

Idea of Oju Eko

With Oju Eko, we seek to tell the stories of the everyday people and their life’s journey in the State. From the natives to those who have journeyed from afar to live the Lagos life and dream. The idea was born out of the Rethink Lagos quest to rebrand Lagos to the world with Oju Eko unveiling the everyday faces you will meet.

The page is structured in five categories – #OjuEko #MenPowerment #WinningWomen #StorytimeSunday #JourneyingLagos. Some stories will either entertain you, inspire you or touch you.

However, we hope you will have a good time and wish you happy reading!

The Person behind Oju Eko

Godwin France

Project Manager of Oju Eko

About Me

I love arts and sciences, and enjoy exploring the use of technology in achieving every day’s goal. I hold a BSc. in Telecommunications Engineering from Ghana Technology University College and believe that the future of the human race is heavily dependent on how we utilise technology in moving our societies forward. As the project manager of Oju Eko, I seek to project our great and illustrious city, Lagos in a positive light through the eyes of the camera.

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